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Bio 2


Bio 2

In my Community

There is no divide between living life and living life as an artist. As a parent, community member, leader and student, each moment is a chance for creative endeavors. A bookbinder in the schools, an abstract painter in the studio, and a collaborator on the roads of rural Minnesota, I attempt to address the collective imagination of the world in which we live and work. I bring my attitudes about art, learning, culture and design into the schools through residencies. Working for over 10 years as a teaching artist in bookmaking and painting, my residencies have gone from “art for art’s sake” to dealing with issues like learning differences and gender inequality in STEM programming.

In the Studio

I begin my aesthetic journey into the canvas by laying down a base color. As the colors mix, I channel my emotions through the brush and allow the paint to dictate the composition. Inspiration is angst that only applying paint to canvas can solve and push the work forward. Grids are a stabilizing influence and emerge in many of my works. They invoke order, systems, and plots of land expressing how our world is divided by ownership of property and ideas creating inequity, bigotry and unrest. Painting is my meditative practice to reconcile the benefits of privilege and making sense of the injustice I see.

I make multiple paintings concurrently using a uniform color palette allowing the pigments to influence each other in differing compositions.  I often allow the rich base colors to materialize through thin veils of lighter colored washes or by carving through the top layers. The colors I choose are influenced by my mood, ambient music in or the intensity of the light coming through the studio window. When I paint, I succumb to a ‘trance’ to channel a visceral exploration of color, composition and content. In my process, the transcendence of making the painting imparts that emotional experience to the viewer and speaks of the connectivity among all human beings.


In my Family

I reside in rural Minnesota, as a single mom of 3 awesome kids, Charlie (14), Anastahja (11), and Jackson (6). My children are experiencing my life as an artist in a way I could never imagine. Often they work along side of me, making, painting, critiquing and displaying their own work. They understand this as my job, not a hobby, and that there are many complexities to my work as an artist. They study by my side as I pursue my masters in Arts & Cultural Leadership at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. This degree is not an MFA, because the course work relates to my work as a public artist and community leader. I will not silo my art practice from my engagement in communities. 

Media & Publications

Podcasts of Projects and Content related to Visual Arts Minnesota:

Local Artist Returns to Little Falls,Morrison County Record, 2014

Heidi Jeub, A WorkingArtist , Saint Cloud Times, 2014

Sartell Mill Project, Untold Stories of Central MN, Jeff Carmack, KVSC, 2014

Interview with Bela Petheo, Untold Stories of Central MN, Jeff Carmack, KVSC, 2014

Heidi Jeub Speaks of Art in St. Cloud, Peter V., KVSC Podcast, 2013

Young Artist Exhibition Program, Jeff Carmack, KVSC Podcast, 2012

Interview with Visual Arts Minnesota Executive Director, Jeff Carmack, KVSC, 2010       

Beyond Inspiration: Developing New Tools for Documenting, Sharing & Improving Our Work as Teaching Artists, Teaching Artist Journal, 13(2), 2015

4 Questions, Interview in Teaching Artist Journal, Amara G. Hark-Weber, 12(2), 2014

Nexus Paintings 2016 - 1 of 11 (4).jpg

Arts Administration

Arts Administration


2016 - 2017  Central Minnesota Artist Coordinator for COMPAS, Inc            

•  Conduct informational meetings with rural schools about the value of artist in residence programs

•  Develop funding plans to implement new residency projects

•  Connect with administration and stakeholders in various communities in the Central Minnesota Region

•  Worked with both schools and after school programs to develop richer arts experiences for their youth constituency base

2010 - 2014   Executive Director, Visual Arts Minnesota,

Central/Greater Minnesota

•  Rejuvenated programming through strategic planning and logic models

•  Created high impact professional development programming to fill gaps in organizational relevancy

•  Eliminated redundant or duplicated programming from yearly schedule through thoughtful analysis

•  Developed a social media presence and redesigned website and online tools

•  Expanded scope of constituency through stakeholder analysis

•  Connected artists with community and buyers in a deeper and more beneficial manner

•  Created deeper connections with local, downtown businesses to help marketing and collaborative initiatives

•  Created programming focused on historic relevance of organization, through community discussion and connections

•  Acquired rare funding outside of regional arts council, including the Central MN Community Foundation Women’s Fund and Initiative Foundation’s Healthy Organization Partnership

2008 - 2011 Gallery Manager, Lost Lake Design Gallery

Little Falls, Minnesota

•  Redefined business model to reflect creativity in founder by adding gallery space to alternations shop

•  Managed events to highlight local artists and artisans

2007 - 2008  Interim Gallery Coordinator, College of St. Benedicts/St. Johns University

Collegeville, Minnesota                                    

•  Coordinated arts exhibitions in three campus galleries

•  Managed interns/work study students in art installations

•  Installed large scale sculptural works, touring photography exhibits, installation work, and media arts

•  Reception management

2005 - 2007Arts Education Coordinator, Great River Arts

Little Falls, Minnesota                                                

•  Developed regular arts programming

•  Maximized and leveraged space and equipment to fulfill arts education programming mission

•  Connected new artists to organization and constituents


2017  Visual Arts Minnesota Program Consultant: High School Art & Professional Development Program

Saint Cloud, Minnesota (and Surrounding Areas)

•  Consulted with new director to create programming relevant to the needs and realities of the school system

•  Developed a lesson plan for their new professional development residency program

•  Provided guidance in evaluation of the program

2016 - 2017  TheShop Youth Development ArtNite Program

Brainerd, Minnesota                                                          

•  Created fund development plan for arts programming

•  Implemented regular art programming, including a diverse group of local artists to interact regularly with youth

•  Coordinated non-local artists throughout the year, including spoken word, hip hop artist, See More Perspective and letterpress artist, Mary Bruno, to bring in alternative perspectives for the youth

•  Grant writing and art coaching for staff and organization

•  Coordinates announcements and reflections with social media and staff

•  Communicates artful impacts with staff, who are less familiar with art, but more familiar with youth development

2016   Franconia Strategic Planning Retreat w/Creative Community Builders

Macalester College, Saint Paul, Minnesota  

•  Planned day-long workshop with consulting team

•  Facilitated hands-on visioning exercise within workshop space

•  Conducted discussion over visioning exercise with consulting team

•  Documented process for final report


Board & Committee Experience

2016 - 2017  St. John’s Boys’ Choir Board of Directors, Collegeville, Minnesota     

•  Developed protocol for 100% giving board of directors and board expectations

•  Served on Marketing/Development Committee

2015 - 2017  Board Chair, Independent Music Collaborative of Central MN, Saint Cloud, Minnesota                 

•  Applied for and secured 501(c)(3) status

•  Managed founding board of directors

•  Developed Bylaws, Incorporation Documents, Budget Projections for nonprofit status

2017  Sprout Advisory Committee, Sprout Growers & Makers Market, Little Falls, MM                                 

•  Provides guidance in art related activity under the ArtPlace Grant

2015 - 2016  Sprout Artist Advisory Committee, Little Falls, Minnesota                               

2012  St. Cloud Film Festival Committee, Saint Cloud, Minnesota    

2011 - 2012  Development Committee, Great River Arts, Little Falls, MN                                  

2008 - 2010  Board Member, Visual Arts Minnesota, Saint Cloud, Minnesota              

Grant Review and Jury Panels

2012 - 2015 Juror, specialty in visual impact for the St. Cloud Film Festival                              

2015 General Operating Grant Panelist,  Minnesota State Arts Board              

2008 Artist Grant Panel,  Central Minnesota Arts Board                      


2017 Artists in Community Co-facilitation, Rural Arts Summit, Morris, MN           

2016 Artists in the Schools (COMPAS), Rural Arts Summit, Morris, MN                       

2016 Artists in the Schools (COMPAS), MEA Conference, Saint Paul, MN                   

2015 Active Listening with Survivors of Sudden Cardiac ArrestSurvive & Thrive Conference

2014 Paper Mill Discussion, Public Art Community Engagement, Sartell, MN                2013 The Arts within Saint Cloud (Art of Hosting Facilitation) 

2013  Artist Ideation Workshops       (Art of Hosting Facilitation) 

2013  Social Media for Artists 

2012  Local Woman Artist Presentation, Art History Class, SCSU                                 

Community Projects

2016  Outreach Coordinator in Schools and Community, Saint Cloud Film Fest                  

2014 - 2015  CoLab: Collaboration of Live Art & Music, The Pickled Loon, Saint Cloud, MN   

2015 Independent Music Community Discussions/Facilitation, Saint Cloud, MN


Nexus Paintings 2016 - 1 of 11 (9).jpg



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