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What do you call an artist and a farmer?

A Fartist.

All humor aside… actually, naw, that’s hilarious! But we have more in common than you think. I, Heidi Jeub, and local dairy farmer and writer, Brenda Rudolph of Raising a Farmer, are bonding and having a blast, while dealing with some pretty heavy issues that sometimes we just need some creativity, candor, and naughty coffee cups to get us through.

We talk about who we are, and our world views; creative blocks; and self identity so wound up tight in our daily work, that we don’t know what would happen if we lost our abilities to do our work. Boom. We are honest, smart, and laugh a lot. We podcast (or try), do events together, and try to approach the tough subjects around rural life with honesty and vulnerability.

But we’re not whiny. We are pretty strong, almost to a downfall. I’ve seen Brenda shove her huge pig, Hans, with her upper thigh, and he actually moved… maybe I should post a pic.

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