When I approach the canvas, I have little intention to have a finished product in mind. Starting with color washes, I fill the flat surface with color, followed by a gesture inspired by energy and ideas.

I process complex issues in our communities, on the news, and within our personal lives and existence on the canvas. The marks I make can be aggressive, or delicate, depending on the external influences of these issues.

I am guided in an intuitive way, but my intellect kicks in to tell me when I am done with a piece. I ask myself if the work is conveying a feeling or idea, without words or literal imagery. If I do add some representative content, they are often included to get another layer of meaning in the piece.



Heidi Jeub is an abstract painter, book binder, teaching artist and creative collaborator. She implemented the Sartell Mill Art Project, using parts of the demolished paper mill. She is a rostered COMPAS Artist, teaching in schools throughout the state in book art, visual journaling and abstraction. She resides in central Minnesota, single mom of 3 awesome kids. She recently received her Masters in Arts & Cultural Leadership at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.  Heidi served as the executive director of Visual Arts Minnesota, 2010-2014, and currently serves as the president of the new organization, the Independent Music Collaborative of Central Minnesota.

Her work ranges from abstract to real images, meant to conjure up emotional responses. Her interest in architecture, structures and systems can be found in many of her grid-like compositions. Her empathy can be found in her work featuring people in our every day lives, or even lost through a computer screen. Her work has been found on posters in peaceful marches in Ferguson and Minneapolis, in hope that peace will be found in our nation.

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