Calendar Prototyping Invitation

I am inviting you to help me prototype a journal/calendar for the new year. My plan is to launch a 15 month calendar in September, but want feedback to make it really great. 

What to do:

Download the following PDFs:

Calendar Visual Journal

Goal Half Sheet

Year Long Strategy and Goals

What to print them on:

Go to your local print shop and get the calendar on 90# watercolor paper, 8.5 x 11". You can also get paper at the local art supply store, but you will have to trim it down. Printing on 140# could prove difficult, but you can try it.

Print double sided for the calendar, but single for the goal sheets and strategy.

Then what?

Punch holes into the paper, to fit in a 3=ring binder. 

Pull out the weeks you are working on, so the paint doesn't stick onto each other. 

Play with wet media (watercolor, wc pencils, ink, etc) or collage. Pen and ink works great too!


Share with me! 

I want to know what you think... some things are obvious (like the pages warp), but maybe you have a solution.

Send me pictures of your progress and reflections via text (320-828-1437), Facebook messenger, or email (

Let me know you're doing something, by emailing me on the form below. I'll follow up from time to time to see how it is going. If you lose focus, that's fine too! I do that all the time! I don't judge!

**Please don't share this project until it's ready. I am only sharing it with people I trust to give me feedback, and to make this idea great. Thanks!

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