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Hidden Architects @ Poppy Salon

Hidden Architects: A Series of Collages just to think a bit about Why I dropped out of Architecture School

by Heidi Jeub

Poppy Salon January 4 - February 28, 2017

#hiddenarchitects with your stories or reflections (Twitter @heidijeub)

Series Statement:

I am known for my abstract paintings, public art, and local arts activity. This perspective and drive started with an insincere desire to become an architect. This series is a detour from my usual work, reflecting on my abandonment of architecture as a life long career. It is about regret, desire, wonder, and cultural and societal critique.

I did everything right before going into architecture school: I had a mentorship with a local architect. I took drafting. I got a bunch of fancy books.

Yet when I built models, they fell apart. When I took tests on the major architectural wonders of the world, I failed miserably. I mispronounced French, Greek, and Italian towns and couldn’t get my centuries straight. I had no skills, no worldly context, or the ability to catch up in the typical college semester time frame. 

I was screwed.

So, I left the program, much to my female dean’s dismay. I saw her rigid “wearing all black” Ayn Rand-ish self, slump in her chair, almost “whining” that I was only 1 of 3 young women n the program, and to please reconsider. I told her that I was afraid I wouldn’t be doing much more than nice garages and church additions. Nothing truly great. I didn’t even know where the Louvre was! I had a strip mall in my town of Sartell… and a paper mill, of course. This was not ample preparation for greatness. And I wanted to be great at something, dangit.

This series of collages allowed me to come to terms with this story. I don’t like blaming society, but after I looked through the magazines my mother (Home Beautiful) and my engineering grandfather (Scientific American) most likely read, I realized that it would have taken a much stronger desire for me to truly succeed in that field of Architecture. MUCH STRONGER. 

Yet, if I would have seen more female architects, had more women mentors, or maybe a few more toys to help me imagine my future as an architect, then maybe it would be different.

So, although I kinda gave up, I still dance within space like I built it, admire the queen bees that made it, and keep making something out of nothing everyday. I teach art in STEM based programs at schools because I believe that this quitting story must be told. I want to look girls in the eyes and encourage them to push themselves into spaces that are still not truly open to them. 

Be Bold. Make Stuff. 

- Heidi Jeub, Artist.

Price List

01. A Girl’s Gotta Find Out Somehow! $75
02. Wallpapered $75
03. The Queen Bee in Certain Situations $75
04. The American Home $50
05. Zaha Moment (Female Architect Given A Puppy) $75
06. Re-Decorate with a New Perspective $75
07. Playroom $75
08. Get Down or You’ll Get Hurt $100 *
09. Oh! Stars! How Romantic! $100 *
10. While we were focused on Table Settings $100 * 
11. Play Laundry $100 *
12. White Picket Fences and Doric Columns $100
13. House Beautiful Engineered $100

*25% discount when purchased as a set of 4.

All sales goes to haircuts for my kids or myself. These bangs don’t cut themselves (Sam is much better at it than my mother.) Artwork may be picked up at the end of February. 

Prints are available. Inquiries go to or text 320-828-1437

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