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Workshop Wednesday: Abstraction Session 2

As I always say, Abstraction is a balance between intuitive and intellectual. As part of a 3 Part Series, Abstract Exploration is a way to approach the challenges of abstraction in painting, drawing and design. Using the Principles of Design and Elements of Art, participants will find a way to explore materials, discuss process, and to simply "know when you're done." 

Even if you are a realist at heart, we will play with materials in a way that may push your usual art practice in a new direction. We will have fun, think hard, and create a lot in the short period together. This is great for those who are self taught, because I'll provide some context that may or may not be part of your art education. We'll see!

No, it's not a 10 hour workshop! It's three 2 -hour workshops in one day! Sign up and pick the time slot that works best with your schedule, attention span, or meal time preferences...
Session 1: 10am-12pm
Session 2: 2pm - 4pm
Session 3: 6pm - 8pm

Only 4 spaces are available per session. Groups encouraged.