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Vern Northrup

After a along career as a Wildland Fire Operations Specialist for The Bureau of Indian Affairs, U.S. Dept. of Interior Vern retired. He now uses photography as a too to educate both himself and the viewer about the rhythm of nature, the preservation of tradition, and the relationship between resilience and sustainability. Using only the camera on his smartphone, he captures the setting of where he grew up, creating a nostalgia for those familiar with the area and a curiosity for those who weren't. He recognizes the ability of the land to act as a storyteller, and uses his photography to act as an interpreter, relaying the messages of education and wonder for all to see.



“Shads” came from a family of photographers, crafters, and makers and that has always carried on with him in everything he does. If it doesn't exist yet, he will try to make it himself. He was raised with the idea "make the world the one you want to live in" and that has been a driving force for most of his life.  

Based in San Francisco he uses his weird and wonderful surroundings as inspiration in the works he creates. There are times the world gets hard and dark, and through his works he hopes to create tiny moments of happiness and inspiration. Often hidden, many times over-looked, his work is usually found for those needing to find it or those looking for glimpses of other worlds. Sometimes people just need a tiny bit of hope, a nugget that grows into something bigger and wonderful.

Amy Hubbard

Amy Hubbard

Melodie Rone

Melodie is a multi media artist, she works with illustrations, paintings, drawings, and photography.

Melodie has published 2 coloring books and working on the third. She also has finished a book on Stigma Towards Mental Illness.

Some of Melodie's work has been presented in the Minnesota Renaissance Festival's coloring book and at The Third Offering Art Show in St. Louis Park.


Nicholas Jennings

Nicholas Jennings is choosing now to act on issues of environmental and social injustice before there is no later. His voice is that of the common man and his medium is - like the voice of the common man - that which has been discarded, scrapped, or thrown away. He is an unapologetic outsider standing up for what he believes in by channelling his disgruntled angst through art for the folk.

His blue collar, rough and tumble background, mixed with skillsets rooted in the construction, bar and photography industries, give him a unique and dynamic approach to art that comes out looking industrial yet sheik, gritty yet refined, and raw but polished.

His mission is on a small scale, to help clean up local waste by turning it into something useful and beautiful and on a larger scale to help the good people of the world understand the connection between children scavenging for food, and shiny brass plates on the front doors of banks.


Amy Hubbard

Amy enjoys a career in graphic design while also focusing on studio arts, specifically painting. She is from Merrifield, MN.


Cory Favre

Cory Favre is an encaustic and mixed-media artist living and working in Minnesota. She grew up in a military family and spent her childhood all over the United States.  She was born in Japan, lived in Hawaii, Indiana, and Arkansas, among a few other places. She was always a creative kid and spent a lot of her time drawing.  Art was always something she could connect to when everything around her frequently changed.  

Cory's encaustic and mixed-media work explores the relationships we have with those close to us and the ties we feel for the places we have lived.  Encaustic is one of the oldest forms of painting. It is a mixture of beeswax, damar resin and pigments. Painting with encaustic involves a process of heating and cooling the encaustic wax.  Heating the wax on a hot plate to a liquid form, brush it onto a wood panel and then manipulate the wax with a heat gun. Her work is inspired by memories of places she lived when growing up.  Never being able to really say that she am “from” anywhere, this new artwork is exploring her connections to those various places.