STEM & Visual Journaling 



Book binding and drawing let students observe their natural world, reflect on it and respond to it in a unique way. 5 days/class.

What we did:

I was paired with a science teacher, where we would use book making, drawing and art to learn a lesson, clarify information (active learning and questioning) and creating an art piece, book or illustration representing what was learned.

I worked with three classrooms: two in Physical Science and one in Biology. Day one we made a book and discussed visual journaling. Day 2-3, the instructor taught a lesson, while I modeled visual journaling and active learning. Day 4-5, students made a unique project, in small groups, to present what they learned.


  • Realize that there are many ways to learn, and that a student should never give up.
  • It is fun to doodle and yes, we can learn too!
  • Develop ways to test one's understanding in the classroom. Asking questions, and seeking clarification, is an essential part of actively learning content.
  • Students develop creative confidence, no matter where they feel they fit in the arts-spectrum.