To provide support to individuals, organizations and businesses to find creative ways to conduct life and business through innovative practices, ongoing evaluation and out of the box solutions. 



Offering resources and knowledge, combined with imaginative actions, helps both the client, and their community.

Thinking of the community as a whole, leads to ingenious impact on long term cultural goals.

Advocating for creative practice in nonprofit and for-profit cultures leads to long term success.

creative confidence in business, organizations and life.

Running a business, nonprofit or your own life, can prove to be challenging, especially when you are competing with larger entities or “bigger problems.” 

heijeu experimental is a partnering group that helps refine vision, build positive creative culture and expand horizons through the following services:

  • grant writing in the arts
  • creative strategic planning
  • mission driven events and outreach
  • innovative collaborative management


Artist and founder, Heidi Jeub, spent years developing relationships with forward thinking individuals, organizations and grantors, while working with schools, cities, and organizations to create unique collaborations. 

heijeu experimental believes:

  • Strong collaborations take time, assessment, and bold management to succeed. 
  • Creatives are both within and outside ones business or nonprofit. By inviting them in, there is an opportunity to look at current structures and cultural norms, and finding the strengths, and letting go of the hiccups, through clever strategic planning.
  • Giving staff and volunteers creative confidence, provides the entity with a stronger innovative culture.

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