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I realized recently, that I'm meant to be here. Where here is... it's a corridor up highway 10. It's a circle around the Midwest. It's a sofa next to my kids, binge watching vintage TV. It's a grill and cooler of beverages. 

Art happens in those spaces, and I did not need an F in my art degree. Fine it is, but okay it will not be. It's extraordinary in its own right.



Little Falls, Minnesota


Art Making

Abstract Painter

Public Artist




Nonprofit management

Grant Writing

Program Development


Teaching Artist

COMPAS Rostered Artist

  • bookbinding

  • Interdisciplinary MetalProjects

  • Abstraction

  • Media Literacy

  • Visual Journaling

Heidi Jeub is an abstract painter, book binder, teaching artist and creative collaborator. She implemented the Sartell Mill Art Project, using parts of the demolished paper mill. She is a rostered COMPAS Artist, teaching in schools throughout the state in book art, visual journaling and abstraction. She resides in central Minnesota, single mom of 3 awesome kids, and is currently pursuing her masters in Arts & Cultural Leadership at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.  Heidi served as the executive director of Visual Arts Minnesota, 2010-2014, and currently serves as the president of the new organization, the Independent Music Collaborative of Central Minnesota.

Her work ranges from abstract to real images, meant to conjure up emotional responses. Her interest in architecture, structures and systems can be found in many of her grid-like compositions. Her empathy can be found in her work featuring people in our every day lives, or even lost through a computer screen. Her work has been found on posters in peaceful marches in Ferguson and Minneapolis, in hope that peace will be found in our nation.








Hidden Architects / Nexus, Solo Exhibit, Veranda Lounge, Saint Cloud, Minnesota

Solo Exhibit, Crossing Arts Alliance, Brainerd, Minnesota

Hidden Architects, Solo Exhibit of Collages Poppy Gallery, Waite Park, Minnesota 

Nexus II, Solo Exhibit Jules Bistro, Saint Cloud, Minnesota



Nexus, Solo Exhibit Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts, Palmer Lake, Colorado 2016

The River: Memory & Metaphor of the Mississippi, juried Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Minneapolis 2016

REMOTE VIEW, Juried Exhibit Young Space, Green Bay, Wisconsin



Solo Exhibition Reverie Cafe, Minneapolis 2015 - 2016

Sunday Night Portraits Veranda Lounge, Saint Cloud, Minnesota



Old Stomping Grounds, Solo Exhibit Espresso Royale, Minneapolis 2014

Solo Exhibition Jules Bistro, St. Cloud, Minnesota 2014

Solo Exhibition Veranda Lounge, St. Cloud, Minnesota




Internal Details, Solo Exhibition The Satellite Gallery, Saint Joseph, Minnesota 2013

Doing Laundry///Economy Paramount Studio C, Saint Cloud, Minnesota 2011 - 2012

Our Earth, Juried Exhibition Flow Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota 2012 

The Planet Earth, Juried Exhibition Paramount Visual Arts Center, Saint Cloud, Minnesota 2011

|Grids|, Solo Exhibition Atwood Center, St. Cloud State University 2012

|Grids|, Solo Exhibition Rivers Edge Convention Center, St. Cloud, Minnesota 2012

|Grids|, Solo Exhibition The Nook Gallery, Paramount Gallery, Saint Cloud, MN 2012

The Labor Room, Juried Exhibition Mira Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota 2008 

Epistophobia, Solo Exhibition Rogue Buddha Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota 2000

Nexus Paintings 2016 - 1 of 11 (3).jpg





2016 Emerging Artist Research and Development Grant Forecast Public Art

2016 “Outstanding Arts Leader for Morrison County,” Five Wings Arts Council

2016 Lenz Harrison Scholarship College of Continuing Education, UMN

2015 McKnight Individual Artist Grant Recipient Five Wings Arts Council

2013 Emerging Artist Award Central MN Arts Board

2012 Artist Career Development Grant Recipient Central MN Arts Board

2011 McKnight Individual Artist Grant Recipient Five Wings Arts Council

2009 McKnight Individual Artist Grant Recipient Five Wings Arts Council

2007 McKnight Individual Artist Grant Recipient Five Wings Arts Council

Public Art

Little Falls Bench Project, Little Falls CVB Little Falls, Minnesota 2016

Sartell Mill Art Project Project Coordinator/Lead Artist Sartell, Minnesota 2014 - 2015

Bike Rack Project, Boys & Girls Club of Morrison County Little Falls, Minnesota 2016


2013 - 2017 Arts & Cultural Leadership, Masters Candidate, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

  • Coursework in financial management (NPO and Small government); fund development; arts trends; nonprofit management; board management; law and ethics in the arts; social justice through the arts
  • Advisor: Tom Borrup, Creative Community Builders
  • Research Focus Area: Rural Communities and the Arts; Artists in the Arts

1997 - 1999 Bachelors of Studio Art, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

1995 - 1996 Coursework in Architecture & Design, Drury College, Springfield, Missouri

My thoughts on the Rural

My thoughts on the Rural

Rural Arts & Artists

For the past four years, I have traveled 29,880 miles, for at least 660 hours, and went through 1.5 cars, to get a masters degree in Professional Studies in Arts & Cultural Leadership at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. 

I wrote a lot, thought a lot, and viewed a lot of rural communities, as I also taught in rural communities as a teaching artist through COMPAS, and showed my art work in galleries in Colorado, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. The landscape provided me with some questions, but the answers were often not presenting itself as easily. 

So I wrote my capstone on the question: Is it time to talk about arts funding and bias and barriers against the Rural? I don't like drudging up such questions, and frankly I was hoping to find my thesis statement misguided, but I found that even when unintentional, it was still something that is felt by many folks in remote areas, and frankly, those in power know it is true, but often are not allowed to admit it.

When I interviewed leadership, I knew that I could only use some of the information. I got more "off the record" comments, that said the truth, than was able to make it into my research. 

 Woodtick Theater Akeley, Minnesota (c) Heidi Jeub, 2017

Woodtick Theater Akeley, Minnesota (c) Heidi Jeub, 2017

 Barriers and a Cornfield, Somewhere in Nebraska, 2016, (c) Heidi Jeub

Barriers and a Cornfield, Somewhere in Nebraska, 2016, (c) Heidi Jeub

 Love Life, Chisholm, Minnesota, 2016 (c) Heidi Jeub

Love Life, Chisholm, Minnesota, 2016 (c) Heidi Jeub


rural research


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