Heidi Jeub


Located in Little Falls, Minnesota, Heidi has spent over 20 years developing her work as an artist, teaching artist, and community leader. 




When I approach the canvas, I have little intention to have a finished product in mind. Starting with color washes, I fill the flat surface with color, followed by a gesture inspired by energy and ideas.

I process complex issues in our communities, on the news, and within our personal lives and existence on the canvas. The marks I make can be aggressive, or delicate, depending on the external influences of these issues.





As a teaching artist, I engage students of all ages in schools, after school programs, nonprofit organizations, and senior housing facilities. 

I teach creative confidence through painting, collage, and book binding. I like STEM concepts to art making, and I help students connect their lives to the arts.




I created heijeu, inc. in my head years ago. I needed to consider an umbrella to include all the things I loved about this career I was designing for myself. Heijeu is about art: not just what Heidi Jeub makes in her studio, but what heijeu creates within and between communities. Communities are small towns, schools, businesses, and governmental entities. My connectivity between those entities is where I see heijeu.