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Bookbinding 1-Day Sampler

Looking into how to make a book? We don’t do the yarn methods of our kindergarten days… rather, we explore archival materials, glues, cool papers, and proper tools in bookbinding!

Every month, I open my studio for 2 days for a simple binding experience. No experience necessary. You will leave with 3 books that are simple and elegant, as well as gain some foundational knowledge of bookbinding and what’s involved in the craft.

$40 Per Session

January 19 | January 20

February 16 | February 17

March 16 | March 17

April 13 | April 14

May 18 | May 19

All session run from 2pm - 4pm

Only 5 spots available.

Preregistration Require. Special needs should be emailed to or call 320-828-1437.

Intensive Workshop

Let’s go deep into bookbinding, exploring tools, techniques, and materials, while creating simple books, long stitch bindings, coptic stitch bindings, and traditional glued spine bindings. We will also allow room for discussions on book repair (so find one to tear apart and rebuild), and altered books.

Every session builds on previous sessions, so expect to learn a plethora about this craft! Materials will be provided for the first 3 sessions, and students will be asked to purchase their own materials for last projects. Tool Kits are available, but not required, for purchase.

$240 Fee (payment options available)

Session 1:

Mondays, January 14 - February 18

1pm - 3:30pm

Only 5 spots available

Preregistration Require. Special needs should be emailed to or call 320-828-1437.

Yes, there was a Session 2 option, but I had to cancel due to some residencies that take me out of town.


Tool Kit

(Available in registration form)

Want the basics ready for you at class? I can hook you up!

I will provide you with a tool kit to keep the practice moving at home after you get started! The tool kit includes the following:

  • 2 pieces of archival book board

  • 1 cup of PVA glue

  • 1 Awl

  • 1 Bonefolder (6”)

  • 1 straightneedle

  • 1 curved needle

  • 5 yards of waxed linen thread

Cost $30

*Must be preordered prior to workshop! Local companies (central MN) does not carry many of these tools, at this price.


All Workshops are at Heijeu, Inc.

120 1st Avenue SE, Little Falls, MN 56345


I’ll travel…gotta catch up on my audiobooks somehow…

I consider myself a Mobile Arts Educator, and I’m serious about the work I do in rural communities. You can bring me to your town in many fashions, through your art center, school, library, or retreat.

Also, any workshops I present will be found on my website, and I will also help promote it through various tricks and shenanigans that I have up my sleeve! Let’s chat at