Each Day I will explain myself...


As I complete grad school, I spend my time reading about the art world, writing short snippets to put into a larger capstone paper, and wishing I was in the studio creating new work to share with the world. 

While I cannot allow myself to paint, and to keep myself from going a little crazy, I will allow myself a few minutes to reflect on work I've done in the past, just to appease my desire to pull out a new canvas and start a new composition. Consider it a designated piece of chocolate to satisfy a craving... or maybe it's like that calcium chew that makes you think it's chocolate (yeah, that's more accurate.)

Like that calcium chew, which is meant to give me the calcium I need to be strong, writing about a piece of art I created could prove to be therapeutic, informative, and reflective for myself as I move forward in this new life, post graduation. 

And for you, if you read them, maybe you will get a glimpse into what I do and why. Please be generous with your feedback, similar stories and reflections... Thank you...