nexus |ˈneksəs| noun (pl.same or nexuses)

a connection or series of connections linking two or more things: the nexus between industry and political power.
• a connected group or series: a nexus of ideas.
• the central and most important point or place: the nexus of allthis activity was the disco.


Artist Statement

Architectural systems are not about the walls that are built but how the people flow through that space. HVAC pipes push air to where we need to be cool or warm, or take away toxic air that would make us uncomfortable. So when we think of systems that are bigger than what we can see, are we being given the air to breath, or are we saved from the discomfort of our own toxicity?

This work is a visual representation of such systems. It could be applied to any aspect of our discourse in politics, social justice, spirituality or ourselves. It is meant to prompt questions of the larger system, not just about our own selves within that system.

When creating GRIDS, as found in the work in this exhibit, the ideas of our communities are so narrowly focused on the moment/day/space/idea at hand. Issues and ideas are being dropped with a simple click of the track pad or swipe of the screen. One tragedy is outshining another injustice. This is a daily occurrence.

The victims are our neighbors, but we find comfort in blaming them for not being like us... in this house... with these locks. Until we are truly affected by the system that breaks into our space, will we realize that we are all affected.

This is not meant to be a hopeless analysis of our society, but rather, to be aware of the walls that hold us in, and reach through the windows and doors that are passages past complacency and disengagement. Tell your story and listen to other’s stories. Feel a pain that you may not ever have to endure. Look into the eyes of those you are told to fear. Let love be the air you breathe and let toxic hate be taken away.

- Heidi A. Jeub, 2016