Oops Books

Oops Books! 

Making mistakes is an opportunity to find something beautiful, and part of discovery and understanding. It is a tool to help students understand when a mistake is made, they can learn about themselves or their peers. 

Big Idea: How do students react to the ideas of making mistakes, allowing unique opportunities to come out of the visual mistakes?

Essential Questions:

By giving permission to make mistakes, what unintended surprises does a student see, and how do they build on that occurance? By letting go to a rigid expectation, (“it must look like this or that”) what kind of discoveries can a student make?

By working together on a large project, to exhibit with the school, how do the students support their fellow artists while working on the project and presenting the project?

 Making Mistakes can be Beautiful! Lindbergh Elementary, 2011-2013

Making Mistakes can be Beautiful! Lindbergh Elementary, 2011-2013

Art Standard/benchmark addresses:

Create or make in a variety of contexts in the arts area using the artistic foundations  : Create original two- and three- dimensional artworks to express ideas, experiences or stories.   : Revise an artwork based on the feedback of others.

Specific Educational Benchmark this lesson addresses:         

To enhance motivation and engagement, students should have daily opportunities to choose topics and text types that interest them, often determine how to undertake and complete literacy tasks, and regularly respond to texts in a variety of ways.  :  Retell stories, including key details, and demonstrate understanding of their central message or lesson.