Call for Poetry: Poetry Scroll

The “Poetry Scroll” will be a video of poems’ texts scrolling upward across the screen (think the end credits of a movie). The video will be projected across the screen/wall/surface as a public art display, at various times and locations throughout the event, providing a meditative experience and an outlet for the written word.

Theme / Inspiration: Small Art. Big Ideas.

Your submission(s) should reflect the theme of "Small But Noteworthy." As organizers of the event, we see SBN as a chance to bring seeds of new growth to our rural river town in the center of Minnesota. Your work could be about small towns, little creatures, or rippling thoughts that lead to a bigger impact, purpose, or sound.  The 99-word limit makes it easy to work with “Small,” and, of course, what makes something “Noteworthy” is up to you.

General Guidelines

  • Poems should be your original work.

  • Your submissions should reflect the theme of “Small But Noteworthy.”

  • As our venues are public spaces and all-ages-welcome, we will not be able to include poems containing profanity or other “trigger” words.

  • Our format (a video of text scrolling upwards) will be constrained to approximately 15 minutes, therefore not all submissions will be accepted.

  • Final locations and times for the video project will be announced before Small But Noteworthy, October 26–27, 2018.

  • Poems will be selected by judges based on relevance to the subject and quality of work. Responsibility for the interpretation of guidelines will ultimately rest with the judges and the organizers of Small But Noteworthy.

  • As this is an inaugural call for this program, please understand that the final projection may vary from our outline and your expectations. We will, however, invite feedback, thoughts, and ideas for future projects like “Poetry Scroll.” Thank you!

Submission Guidelines

Submissions will be accepted through this online form. Email submissions will also be accepted.

  • Submit up to 4 poems, each no more than 99 words

  • This content may be shared in printed material near the projections of poetry, in promotional content online or in print, and with interested persons requesting more information about specific texts and writers

  • If emailing submission, please include a 2–4 sentence bio, website, and contact information.

In your uploaded document: Sample

  • Include all 4 poems in a single document

  • Format poems to follow this template:

    • [title]

    • [body of poem]

    • — [your name]

    • [([any permission acknowledgments required]]

  • Send the files in docx., doc, or .pdf format, or simply pasted into the body of the submission form.

You have the option to have your poem listed as anonymous, yet we must still collect your information for copyright and communication purposes.

Rights and Legal Considerations

  • Poems’ inclusion in the Poetry Scroll (a video projection for a public art display) does not constitute publication.

  • Poets retain rights to their work, and Small But Noteworthy will have the rights to any photographs taken of the public art display that may include all or portions of the poems to be used for future publicity.

Judges for Poetry Scroll

Cynthia French is a writer and spoken word artist in Minnesota. She completed her MFA in Writing from Hamline University. Cynthia has been performing and participating in the poetry slam community for over 10 years. She coordinated the 2002 National Poetry Slam, was the Slam Master in Minneapolis for 6 years and has toured extensively.  

Jonathan Wichmann is a writer, editor, and performer. A former editorial intern with Coffee House Press, he hosted a monthly poetry-focused salon in northern California, from 2012 to 2015, and has frequented writers’ groups, workshops, and open mics since 1989.

Important Dates

Deadline for Submissions: October 1, 2018

Drop Off or Mailing of Zines: October 15, 2018 (Unless arranged with organizers)

Day of Poetry Open Mic: October 27, 2018 (2:00 pm)

Contact Information

Poetry Scroll submissions and product sales (Zines, chapbooks, etc):, Attn: Cheri

Poetry Open Mic:, Attn: Jonathan

Technical Issues with submissions:

OPPORTUNITY OPENS Monday, August 6, 2018

OPPORTUNITY CLOSES Wednesday, October 1, 2018 (11:59pm)