You will find me in schools throughout Minnesota, teaching art, supporting staff and encouraging creativity in everyday life. In 2000, I walked into my first classroom after graduation from art school, to teach paper making to kindergardeners... and it was a complete mess! Luckily it was a clean, wet mess! I've gotten better, and make sure that I teach something that will open the students mind to the possibilities of their own creative spirit. 

What I'm about...

  • I'm not formulaic... I have some step-by-step methods, but always allow the students to take it into what ever direction they would like.

  • I work within the school's resource availability. I believe that if you work with what you have (and not fret about what you don't have), creativity will make good things happen. I have the most fun with folks who only have a bunch of magazines, and an old photocopier or a bunch of old art supplies that only 'kinda' work. I was raised with little, but could make something out of nothing. And that's a skill we should be teaching our children!


  • I am a rostered artist with COMPAS, and please use them when you can! I have found that they deal with the logistics that we (artist and teacher) don't have much time for! I have developed a great relationship with them, and I still like to come up with the plan for your classroom with you, but they deal with the budget and contracts... stuff that I'm only so good at ... ;)

  • I am a seasoned grant writer. I will help you write a proposal to bring me into your classroom. I'm also very familiar with the grants available throughout the State of Minnesota.

  • I work with your needs. A simple conversation could make this a great experience.

What I've Done

Sample Lesson Plans

Sartell  Interdisciplinary Metal Installation

Kittsen School, Hallock MN

Hillside Adult Education Center

Foley Abstraction Residency

Foley STEM Visual Journaling Residency

Lesson Plans

I take great pride in making a lesson plan to fit the needs of the school. I was a child who learned in my own way, but loved creative ways of remembering and obsorbing info! I'm there for that kid who learns in their own way!

If you have questions on lesson plans, please contact me, and we can discuss your needs further! I can work with schools (Rostered with Compas or independently), art centers, special groups, young and old! 


Oops Books! Grades K-3

Visual Journaling Grades 3-8

Art Journals (Grades 9-12)

Zines (All Ages)

Book Making (Basics, All Ages)

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