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Resembling an art crawl, yet between small and medium sized arts venues in our community, Little Falls. 


When Heidi Jeub settled in her small, and awkward, Quonset Hut studio in Little Falls, she wanted to invite her audience of talented artists, patrons, and friends to enjoy the space. Knowing the small restrictions of her space, she included her neighbor, Tony's 1st Avenue Custom Framing and Furniture Restoration, who also featured local artists. She did not stop there: she invited the long-time, artist-supporting restaurant, Zoomski's Midtown Cafe, and the local arts organization, Great River Arts, to participate. The four venues allowed for a "reason to come" for regional visitors. The event included a Friday-night reception at all four locations, a Saturday art crawl, a poetry open mic, and a spoken word event. All festivities were concluded (and evaluated) over coffee and scones at Zoomski's, with the final conclusion being: "Let's do this again."

If Small gets Big, that's because Small is often Underestimated. Let's come together for a conversation around art, words, and ideas!