Free Workshops for Life Long Learners

As Part of the Small But Noteworthy Art Crawl Event, October 26 -27, aspiring storytellers and writers are invited to participate in 2 free workshops, made possible from funding through the Five Wings Arts Council.

Storyteller, Amy Salloway, and poet/hiphop/spoken word performer, Desdamona, will be hosting 3 hour workshops providing expertise and exercises to expand our understanding of literary work on stage. Participants can come with any level of experience, even if it’s just a tinge of curiosity!

Preregister for the workshops, so we can make sure we have enough coffee.

9am - 12pm: True About You: A Storytelling Workshop With Amy Salloway

For anyone who’s said, “I don’t think I have a story to tell” -- You do! For any storyteller who’s said, “I’m out of ideas” – You’re not!

Learn how to find and craft the rich, hilarious, painful and revealing true stories in your own everyday life in this active, encouraging and highly participatory workshop. Through discussion, free writing, partner exercises and even a little improv, we'll focus on the definition of "story" and the essential building blocks that make up a story; identifying conflict and a dramatic arc; bringing scenes to life with action, emotion and sensory detail; and embracing your unique voice.

Bring a notebook and pen and a recording device (smart phone, iPad or voice recorder).

Cost: Free, Registration at

Location: Sprout Grower’s & Maker’s Marketplace, 609 13th Ave NE, Suite 8, Little Falls, Minnesota 56345

1pm - 4pm: “What is Spoken Word?” With Desdamona
From storytelling to poetry to stand up comedy, there are many types of performance that could be defined as spoken word. People use phrases like “performance poetry” and “slam poetry” and “spoken word poetry” interchangeably, so is there a difference?

Cost: Free

Location: Little Falls Carnegie Library

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