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Small Adds Up! Just like coins in a jar, calories during the holidays, or tomatoes in your late summer garden, little bits add up to a lot!

As the founder of Small But Noteworthy, I have been lucky to have supporters who see this event as something bigger than has been offered before. It’s about bringing people together for art, poetry, and music, in a way that this community doesn’t see very often.

Why would you support something not in your own community? I see it as a cheerleading section for rural arts, community engagement, and relevance. This event may not stay to Little Falls itself, because if it shows success it could likely end up in your back yard… which would be amazing!

To make this event a success, we need to raise $4000! This will include donations and ticket sales (Desdamona Performance October 26th!)

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Thank you for your support! Spread the word, and see you soon!

-Small But Noteworthy Staff & Partners