Having traveled throughout the state, teaching art to rural & marginalized communities, I often dreamt of bringing the studio (not just supplies and a project) to those I teach. Here’s the opportunity to make a dream come true...
— Heidi Jeub, Teaching Artist

The Tiny School of Art & Design is a 14’ long traveling studio that builds community through the foundations of art. Created by Heidi Jeub, it is meant to travel to places where design and community does/should/could mix. As a teaching artist, she travels to areas that often do not have much art programming, therefore she felt that by being present in public spaces could provide a new entry point for creatives of all types, ages, and abilities.

Welcome to the Tiny School of Art & Design, and unschool focused on the foundations of art, found all around us!

For years, I’ve traveled with my car packed to the ceiling with art supplies, tools, equipment, and personal items to spend up to 3 weeks in a given location, teaching my artistry to rural communities. I love this work and wouldn’t have it any other way…


If only I could bring my studio with me! I could take my work as a teaching artist one step farther, allowing for folks to use tools and experience art making the way I truly blossomed— through the foundations!

Goals of The Tiny School of Art & Design

  • To understand the arts, not through project-based activities, but through exposure to the way an artist thinks and plays.

  • To emphasize that art can be linked to food, culture, technology, and life!

  • To bring the foundations of art and design to communities that do not have access to cultural and academic institutions.

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Thank You!

The Sprout Mobile Market and Ala cARTe Initiative are funded by the McKnight Foundation, Otto Bremen Trust, Lakewood Health System, and Mardag Foundation.

This project is coordinated by Sprout MN, Region Five Development Commission and Five Wings Arts Council.


Want to Join Me in this Adventure?

Let’s see what we can do Building Community through the Foundations of Art! Email me at heidi@heidijeub.com and we can start a conversation!