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In the first two years of the Tiny School of Art & Design, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with us, as we discover how to utilize this new community asset. Before booking, please feel free to email me to discuss your event or idea, and we can have a discussion over the phone or by conference call. I know how budgets work, for grants and such, so please look at my base fees, and note the additional expenses that may be considered. Final quotes will be provided after a discussion in person or online.

Thank you!

Heidi Jeub



The purpose of the Tiny School of Art & Design is to build community through the foundations of art. Heidi Jeub, teaching artist in painting, drawing, collage, and public art, will engage with a local host organization and at least 1 local artist, to create a deep engagement program relevant to that given community’s mission and vision.


  • Bright Exterior to get attention from the event visitors

  • Magnetic gallery wall on the side of the trailer to showcase activities or to make a temporary gallery of work.

  • 10 “Drawing Horses” for pleine air drawing or painting.

  • 3 folding tables

  • 10 stools

  • Additional art bar cart for portable supply storage

  • Basic art materials like tempera paint, brushes, paper, and drawing media.

  • Program will offer hands on instruction and “passive” art making activities.


Pre planning for a visit from the Tiny School includes an introductory conversation about the mission and vision of the host organization, as well as email planning to make sure the impact of the project is well received. 

Rates and Other Considerations

Daily Rate: Up to $1200, based on many considerations. Please contact us for a more detailed summary of the budget based on your needs. Many Moving Parts, to consider! :)

Plus Lodging, Mileage, and Materials

*Little Falls, MN Organizations get a discount of $300 on the daily rate.

All fees include preplanning, set up, and teaching expertise.

TSAD measurements are 14’ Long x 8’6” wide, and requires approximately up to 150 square feet of workspace around/near the trailer. 


  • Mileage can be calculated at $1.16 per mile from Little Falls, Minnesota, round trip.

  • Lodging and Materials can be in-kind donations, but must be agreed upon with TSAD artist and staff.

  • Each day of set up has 4 hours contact time included in the cost. Any additional hours would need to hire support artists or staff, therefore an additional hourly rate of $125 per hour will be added to the fee.

  • For festivals and events that last several days, the contract must include the entire event, EVEN IF contact time is restricted to just a select amount of hours. TSAD must still be set up before the beginning of the festival. For example, if family fun day at the fair is only on Saturday, but the fair starts on Thursday, the TSAD must be in place before the beginning of the fair. 

  • Permitting is the responsibility of the host organization and venue.

  • Payment can be prepaid through ongoing invoice, but must be paid in full at event. Credit cards, checks, and cash are accepted.

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