A tribute to someone who has passed on, turns into a new life for those left ...

A tribute to Doug Anderson, a musician I met once at an exhibit I was hosting for an artist, Erik Karlson. Doug had an attitude that I appreciated, saying "From this point on, I will only perform at art exhibits!" I only spent but a few hours of my life with him and his music. 

When he passed away, I felt the energy shift in my community, because there were those who knew him intimately, and those who experienced only his art. The energy fell into this painting, effortlessly raw and limited notes of color. A glimpse of what was our interaction (the green) was only a small part of a larger impact his life had made.

The blues led to a slow awakening to our Cloud Town, and we no longer stuck ourselves in the past. We realized the good ole days are not meant for artists, because we create each day... each breath. If we get stuck in a time before now, then we are not living.